After a month hiatus, it's safe to say that this blog was lying on it's death bed. Here is my attempt at a sort of revival. In the last month or so, I've graduated college, traveled with family and friends and hunted for jobs. The one thing I've been able to do that has stood out more than others is making photographs. Making photographs without the pressure of a deadline, the pressure of meeting client needs and dealing with anyone other than myself and my subject has been liberating. The last month has reminded me why and how I love to shoot. As of late, the subject of my images has been snowboarding and it has enabled me to build a more solid portfolio in that regard. 

The one thing that I love about it is that it isn't for money, it is simply for the joy of making a photograph again. There is no pressure and it has allowed me to focus on getting more creative and getting in touch with a more refined version of my style and creative touch. This no pressure state of mind has also allowed me to get a better idea of how to create more interesting shots whether they be portraits, snowboarding, even landscapes. This feeling is something that I've missed a lot. Creativity is coming back and shooting seems less of a chore. The craft is once again fun. 

After all, isn't that was it is all about? Doing something you love, because you love to do it? 

The images below are from the most recent shoots that I've been a part of. It has been a blast getting to go out and shoot one of my favorite sports with talented people and to create just for the sake of creating.