Unclear Clarity

These vaguely specific (see what I did there?) titles I'm giving some of these blog posts somehow make it easier to start typing, so bare with me. I apologize for the consistent lapse in posting these, it turns out that the last semester of college can be really time consuming and I don't get a grade for a personal blog post. Bummer. 

Anyway, to try and establish some sort of narrative within these posts, we will jump back to "Think...but not too much." I touched on the idea of not thinking too much about something, in most situations that is a good thing. Always go with your gut. Recently some sorta dusty shit went down in my life but it really didn't phase me because my gut told me something wasn't right from the start. Turns out, my gut was right and now life is pretty damn sweet. My family also has gone through some pretty heavy stuff but I had a gut feeling the outcome would be in our favor...again the gut was right. What all of these things have done is provided clarity. A similar clarity to shining a light down into the Marianas Trench, seeing where you're headed but having no idea where you'll head up.

In one month I graduate college and inherit a crushing mound of debt. Exciting right? Four and a half years of hangovers, all nighters, pretty girls, life long friends and the occasional run in with the boys in blue. I would have never guessed the price tag would be so steep. But who gives a shit about the price tag? Coming up to the point where a good portion of the world expects me to suit up and buy a cactus for my cubicle, I find myself sprinting in the opposite direction. 

It seems to be that people are losing sight of the fact that the next bit chapter of our lives is literally all up to us. Bills can be paid, money can be made and the way it gets done should be all on you, not what someone else thinks it should be. This bit of unclear clarity has shown me that it will no doubt be some sort of unconventional future involving creating in some way, shape or form.

No matter how crazy things get from time to time my mind finds comfort in creating. I didn't ask for it, I didn't plan for it but things just ended up that way. There is a pull towards creating and photography that I can't ignore. I have no idea how far it will take me in life but if my image makes it on the cover of some magazine some day, we will have the answer. There have been too many people that have come in to my life unexpectedly and whether its a sign or just a ton of harmonious coincidences, a path has begin to from. Now, I'm trusting my gut. Moral of the story? We've all got one shot at this. Do whatever the hell it is that calls to you. Don't settle. If something you truly want seems hard and unattainable, don't bitch out because it's probably worth the work you put in but you won't know till you try. It's life's little way of testing you to see if you truly deserve those things.  

PS The image along with this post is Rob Prochnow's favorite landscape of mine. I found it in the archives of Iceland and well, yeah. Enjoy.